Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Jami Martin is a woman of many hats. She sums herself up in a few words: talented, smart, hard-working, and outgoing.  Any person of acquaintance with Mrs. Martin will agree that she is truly a all-around person with a great personality and heart. 

Mrs. Martin was born and raised in Bay Minette, AL. She attended Baldwin County High School. Upon graduating she attended Faulkner State Community College on a music full-scholarship. She received her associate in General Studies and transferred to Troy University in 2003. In December 2006, she received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education. She then moved back to her home town where she received her first teaching job as a Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Martin also taught 5th grade in the small town of Stapleton, AL.   Unfortunately, she was laid off in the Baldwin County School system as a result of budget cuts. She was not able to receive tenure status and as a result, she had to attend the University of South Alabama and take a course to renew her teaching certificate. She enjoys teaching and has great hope that she will once again return the classroom. 

Jami is a big family orientated girl. Both her parents are natives of Bay Minette. She has three brothers, one a professor at Xavier University in Ohio, another who is a middle school Science teacher in Georgia, and the youngest a student at Auburn University. She has one son who is a handsome six year old, and a wonderful husband of three years. Everyone in the family enjoys music and plays a musical instrument.
Along with teaching, her passion is singing and playing the piano. She also loves arts and crafts of many kinds. Photography has become a great interest for her. She hopes that she can learn more about the art of photography and someday open up her own studio. 

Randy Paush: Time Management Video Review
After watching the video, Randy Paush on Time Management, I was reminded of the importance to plan and not procrastinate. This advice is not only useful as I take this course, but in my everyday life. There are some times when I make and go by a to-do-list and have been able to complete it and the stress of the day was very minimal. Mr. Paush state that sometimes it is not always about getting the job done perfect, but getting it started and doing it well. I think that this is something that I will try to remember while taking this course, with hopes that this will help me enjoy this class.
I do not know anything else about Mr. Paush, but would highly recommend this video to someone.


  1. Welcome to EDM310. This is a test. This comment should be sent to your Gmail account and to Thanks for starting early!

  2. A victim of the recession and the cuts to education. let's hope it will get better soon. Real soon!

  3. Jami,

    Welcome to EDM 310! I hope that you enjoy this class!

    Rebekah Lloyd

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  5. Hello Jamie!
    My goodness! I could not imagine teaching kindergarten. I worked at a daycare with 3 and 4 year olds and I tutored 3rd grade kids at Morningside Elementary here in Mobile, AL, but I do not think I could actually teach these age groups. It takes a special person to teach different age groups. I am currently a Junior here at South, majoring in Secondary Education, and I am kind of worried about finding a job. You are not the first person I know to be laid off due to budget cuts. My cousin just graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and she can not find a job. I hope everything gets better soon! Like your family, everyone in my family enjoys music too. I play the flute and the piano, my brother plays the drums and guitar, and my mom sings. I also enjoy photography, but I do not think I could have my own studio. Good luck to you!

    1. Hello Abigail, Thanks for the respond. Hopefully Secondary Education will present more jobs for you by the time you graduate. I want to learn to play the guitar, I personally think my fingers are too fat(lol). Hope you are enjoying EDM310.