Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Post #3

2 a. Technology in Special Education
I would first like to say that I really could feel the love that this teacher had for her students, and even more how they loved their teacher. The smiles on the students faces were like sunshine (yes I have a soft heart).

How would I use technology in my classroom for special needs students? Lacey Cook gave several great examples of how I can do that. There are many different ways that an iPad can be used as a tool for educators and students (of all abilities) to use in the classroom, as well as a source of fun and learning at home too. I personally think that having a computer or laptop designed and setup for a special needs students would be the most useful. Rather the student needs to type out what they are saying, magnify their text, hear text being read, and a list of other things that I have not thought about, will more than likely be able to be done on a computer. Overall, having a computer or a lap top for these students will allow the students to work at their individual pace.

2b. How the Ipad Works with Academics in Autism
After watching the video, it reminded me of why I like Mac products so much (althought I can't afford them). This video really showed that the iPad can be beneficial to students with disabilities as well as regular students. Using an iPad also limits the amount of paper used in class.

I liked the app, #1 because it is free, but the full version can be purchased as well. If the app works well with students, you have the option to buy rather than paying for the app and find out later that you don not like it. #2 I feel that this can be very beneficial to special needs students because it not only teaches students to write letters, but also teaches phonics. For both of these reason, I feel the app will help the student communicate better with others. This is an all around app that any student could learn from. I would use it in a center or preferably as speech therapy with a student one-on-one.

3. Gary Hayes Social Media Count
When I first clicked on the link to the counter, I was amazed at how the numbers were rolling. It was an eye opener for me. I then began to wonder just how much I contribute to the change in those numbers. It also tells me that people do not get out and mingle as we would have before the social networks. Technology has allowed us to do everything we need to do as far as communicate, in front of a computer screen. The numbers have increased over the years and I am sure that it will continue to increase as technology is becoming more and more piratical throughout the world.

As a educator, the results from the counter tells me that in the future more technology tools will be present in the classroom. I feel that social networking in the schools could be very useful for both students and teachers. Students get to communicate with students their age from all over. This will possibly help them be more diverse and see things from other perspectives from other countries. It will allow teachers to collaborate on different topics and subjects from all over the world. However, I do not think it is something that teachers should be using during school, rather on their personal time at home as plan lessons.

4. A Vision of students Today
This was an interesting video by Micheal Wesh. With the help of his collegiate classmates from Kansas University. There were several things that caught my eye. They are as followed:
- $20,000 in debt after graduation
- Professor not knowing students by their name
- Class size 115
- Students pay large amounts for textbooks that the don't even open

I could really relate to the student stating she will be over $20,000 in debt after she graduated. The sad part about it is that, you are not always guarantee a job. Things happen beyond your control that may put you in a position where you can't even find a job using your degree. Another issue that was pointed out was the class size of 115 students and the fact that students buy textbooks that cost a fortune, but never use them. I can understand the class size being an issues for some students, but I feel like that is something they should take into consideration upon deciding which college to attend. I have also had my share of disappointing days of buying textbook, and trying to run into the book store to sell back my books only to get a disappointing small percentage of that back, or nothing at all. Professors can play a part in that by using technology based textbooks to help students scale back on buying books that will rarely be used.

I'm not exactly sure if I agree with the fact that technology can help save us. I do feel that it could present more jobs opportunities in the future for those who declare a major in the technology field.


  1. You have some really good ideas! However, there is a handful of writing mistakes. Your ideas become less credible and valuable when they are written poorly. It seems like you were just typing fast, honestly. I like to read what I type aloud before publishing it. Bailey's holding a writing session February 23 if you're interested. There will be more details posted on the class blog soon.

    1. Thanks! And yes, I do type fast! I will try to remember to slow down and read it aloud rather than inwardly.

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