Thursday, February 9, 2012

C4T #1 Summary

For my first C4T post, I posted on Language Journeys: Showcasing My School. Her post was about managing the school website where she teaches. Mrs. Elvira Deymanport teaches 2nd-6th Gifted/Talented classes in Mississippi. I visited the website that she was managing. After I introduced myself to her I commented about the website. I loved the video she used to introduce the school and the staff. I absolutely loved the video she included which showed how technology was use in their classrooms. The video showed students inside the classroom using iPods, iPads, and other technology in each subject of school. She stated in her blog that she hopes to have grade level/teacher specific pages. I suggested that it would be a great idea, especially for the parents. Parents and students could use their teachers website to get homework assignments and other important specific classroom information. I also told her why I feel it is important to maintain a school website. I used myself as an example, stating that websites provide valuable information about the school and what goes on in the school. For someone moving and has to place their child into her school, the website will give them a good insight of what to expect upon visiting the school. Overall, I commended her on the great job she was doing with the website.

Skype in the Classroom webpage

Mrs. Dayemport's second blog post was posted on Wednesday, February 8th. This blog was entitled At the Crossroads with MECA. She share with us that she had attended Mississippi's Educational Computing Association Conference. This was her second year attending the event, but her first time presenting a session at the conference. Her session was bout using Skype in the classroom. Her goal was to share different classroom applications of Skype. She even had the participants to do a little hands on activity during the session. Mrs. Dayemport, shared that she loved learning about new tech tools during MECA. Some of the sessions she attended was: iPad Apps for the Classroom, Ways to utilize digital photography, and Using Windows Movie Maker. She thanked her tech team for attending and showing her so much support.

My Comment:
Hello Mrs. Deyamport! It seems that you had a great time at the MECA Conference. I would have loved to attend the conference, especially your session on Skype. I will be using Skype in one of my assignments this semester. Although I have used Skype before, I am not really sure how to effectively use it in the classroom. All of the session that you attended would have been something of interest to me. iPads in the classroom are becoming a great tech tool. I am sure that you received lots of useful information to take back and share with others.

I visited the link, Skype in the Classroom Project: Skype Novel Studies, that you listed on your blog. What a great use of technology in Reading! It seems like it is a interesting way to have a book discussion. I'm sure that your students will enjoy it.

I have enjoyed following you thus far. I have already found things that I would like to use in my classroom from your post. I look forwarding to reading more from you.

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