Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 5


  1. Wow Jami I loved your presentation! My name is Sarah Clever and I am in school for Elementary Education. My dream is to teach Second Grade because my favorite teacher in the world was my Second Grade Teacher. We have a lot in common... I also sing and I am very passionate about it! I love it! I play the piano a little as well but my sister is the expert at that so she usually plays while I sing! I also love to bake as well! These Google presentations really help us get to know a good bit about one another and I hope that we can use them in the future on our teaching journey! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Hey Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. One of my older brothers plays the piano as well, and I too think that he is the expert compared to me. That's why I usually end up singing and he plays for me, just as you and your sister. I'm liking EDM310 so far. I hope that you have a wonderful semester!