Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Post 7

Learning Network Blocks

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler

This video explained how a student researched information for his American Psychology class through the internet. He used a variety of tools to help him find all the information needed. He used Google Scholar to find creditable websites. It also helped him locate credible scholars for his topic of study. The student basically developed a reliable PLN for his project in which he was able to connect with classmates and people from all over the world. The description of this class really reminded me of EDM310.

In the video this question was stated, "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?". After watching the video one may think that there is no need for a teacher when the student is doing everything on their own. However, while students may be doing most of the learning on their own a teacher is needed to guide the student through his learning. The teacher also needs to build the foundation as to how to build and use network learning process. Teachers should not be counted out as their is and will always will be a place for a teacher even if most of the class is self-taught instruction.

I do feel that I am prepared to a networked teacher. I feel that to be a teacher you have to be diverse and able to reach out to your students different learning abilities. Does that mean we have to throw out all our old lesson plans? No, I feel that teachers should be able to modify their lessons and use the theory of being a networked teacher as needed. In my opinion, grade level students need lots of guidance. When building a networked student, teachers should make sure that their students are mature enough to handle guiding their own learning. Not all students are built and ready to handle such massive learning on their own. But we do, however, need to help prepare them to become a mature networked student by practicing these skills when necessary.

7th Grade PLE
I really wish I was that well put together and organized when I was in the 7th grade. This young girl give a virtual tour of her PLE (Personal Learning Environment) also know as a PLN. She used Symbaloo to show how she can easily navigate through the most useful sites that she uses. I think that this is a great demonstration video to show others how Symbaloo can be used as well as why it is a great tool to use.
In my everyday internet use their are only a hand full of sites that I use regularly. Therefore, I do not see a need for it unless you have tons of sites that you always use, especially for business or class purposes. This site has really come in handy for me while I have been taking this class. I am sure that in my professional career it will have great use as well.


  1. Hi Jamie! I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing your perspective on the "Networked Student" and PLN. I agree that teachers will always have a part in the classroom and helping students succeed in their academics. Although the internet and technology can do just about everything for students now, teachers can still explain things more clearly and students can actually meet and see teachers face-to-face, whereas they can't do that with a computer. I, too, thought that a PLN was not for me because I really only go to the same sites over and over. However, after making my PLN, I have discovered new education sites that may be useful for my future, and I can now add teachers to my PLN that I want to stay connected with.

  2. I am on one accord to your comment on this assignment. Your comment resembles mine because I truly believe that with the internet and technology the students use for learning, teachers are needed to guide them with the necessary instructions. In the second paragraph, in the last sentence, you spelled "their" instead of "there".In the fourth paragraph,you spelled "give" instead of "gave" in the second sentence.Another typo in this paragraph is "their" in the fifth sentence, which should "there". Also, there should be a comma after use in the fifth sentence of this paragraph. I really enjoyed reading and proofing your comment.

  3. "Teachers should not be counted out as their is and will always..." there not their

    Thoughtful. Interesting.