Sunday, March 11, 2012

C4T #2

I visited the Reported Speech activities, ideas and links blog of Eva Buyuksimkesyan. She is a English Teacher of 20 years in the United Kingdom. In 2011 she was nominated Best Individual Twitter and Best Teacher Blog by EdmBlog Awards. Her latest blog included a list of activities and links to help her students practice reported speech.

My Comment:
Hello, I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I have been assigned to comment on your blog.

I love the ideas you have listed as possible activities to help teach Reported Speech. I particularly like the idea of having the students exchange what they written randomly by playing “snowball” and then reporting on what they end up with. I’m sure the students will love it. I love the interactive Wheel of Fortune game. I’m sure that your students will be very engaged in this activity.

You have done a great job researching ideas and resources to teach Reported Speech. I hope that your students enjoy the activities. Please feel free to respond and visit my blog.

Baby on Laptop

My second C4T was entitled, EVO, Digitalstorytelling4kids and the tool of the week. It was actually posted on January 18th. This was the latest blog posted at the time I began to observe the topic. Digital Storytelling for Kids was a course she took because she is such a big fan of digital tools in the classroom. She also included how she planned to use the tool. It is as follows:

To introduce a topic
As a pre-reading and awareness raising activity before starting to read a short story or a novel
And also I will ask my students to use it
To summarise the story they’ve read
To introduce a topic

To learn more about the Digital Storytelling Course visit the page.

My Comment:
Hello I am Jami from the University of South Alabama.

I visited the Digital Story Telling link that you included. As I looked over the information I came to terms that, this would be a great course to learn more about. I am personally always looking for new ideas in Reading. Your outline of how you plan to use it is great. It is something that I will bookmark as a reference, when I get my own classroom. I loved how you used it with your students. It was a perfect example of teachers taking what they learn and putting it to use in their classroom. I would love to see more stories that you created.

If you have anymore suggests as to how to use this digital tool in the classroom please share them with me.

Here is a link to my blog.

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