Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project 10

My First Progress Report

What is a PLN? PLN is an acronym for Personal Learning Network. It is a network that you create to learn from, connect with, gather information or resources, create with and finally share what you have learned. It is great to use in any profession. I have found it very necessary for me to have one while taking class EDM310.

I created my PLN using Symbaloo. I had never heard of this before but had received many suggestion to use it while taking EDM310. It is a tool much easier to use compared to your average favorites list. This has been helpful because I easily forget the names of sites that I visit and would like to visit again. Some of my most used tiles from my Symbaloo are: Facebook, EDM310 Blogspot, YouTube, and Gmail. The Webmix I created is still a work in progress as I am trying to make sure that I categorize the titles by color. This is an idea I got from the video of a 7th grade student who also uses Symbaloo.

I have even began to save sites that I come across that might be useful when I get my own classroom. Once I get my own classroom, I hope that I can start another PLN in regards to a particular grade or subject I may teach. I feel that it will be very important for me to have one in my profession. In my past years as a teacher I used the internet and different sites for references as I taught a particular topic. It would have been really great if I had know about Symbaloo then as well.

Symbaloo Badge

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