Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Engage in A E-Media Fast

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When I first read the instructions for this post I did not quite get it. After reading it a second time I realized that the assigment was basically to do a fast from any electronics. When I figured that out I knew I was in trouble. I began to think about all the electronics I used and was trying to develop a plan to put then down for 24 hours. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I really wanted to give it a shot just to see if I could do it. I tried to pick a day that to start the fast according to what I had going on that day. Thinking it would be easier if I did it when none of my favorite television shows where own, I made all business calls in advance, etc. One I jumped in and just did it, the result was an EPIC FAIL.

It really took several attempts at trying to complete this E-Media Fast. Although I do not watch television very much, I do have several shows I like to watch. I really tried to be slick about going on the fast thinking that if I started late at night, because no one every calls me then and I'm usually cleaning so the electronics are put the rest for a while. Not watching TV was not so bad because I was able to set and record my favorite shows on my DVR. The hardest of all electronics to fast from was my cellular phone. My phone is my clock, alarm clock, and almost my computer; I check e-mails, Facebook, and sports twitter constantly. Needless to say I was never able to completely put down my phone for a full 24 hours. I fasted from my phone for about 6 hours only because the battery went dead and I decided to not charge it up. As time progressed I knew at some point I would have to charge and use my cellular phone. It wasn't because I had to make a phone call or needed to text someone, it was simply because I needed to use my phone for my alarm as I always do. My laptop never made it into the equation during this fasting. At some point everyday I needed to get on the web to search for files I needed printed for other things I had going on this weekend.

I can truly say that I am very dependent on electronics, particular my phone and laptop. Think about a high school student trying to do a E-media Fast. I do not think that they could last an hour without using some type of electronic. It seems like students are very engaged in using electronics. I feel that it is pointless to lecture and teach students and not have them engaged. Today's students are technology driven. If it takes using technology tools in the classroom to keep students involved, then I will be very sure to give my students every opportunity to utilize it.
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  1. " favorite television shows where own,..." where own? NO were on
    "...One I jumped in..." Once not One

    Lesson learned! You will soon have students even more committed to (or should I say addicted to) technology.