Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final Project Progress Report

Work in Progress Sign

For my final project I will be working in a group named F-JAM. My group consist of, Ashley Phillips, Melissa Harrison, and Fredric Robinson . The group has been communicating via text and Google hangout to discuss our plans for project 15. Our group will create a video that gives future students a preview of EDM310. To an extent, it will be like an infomercial. The video will give students an inside look of what to expect in the class. We will include what we consider to be important aspects of EDM310 such as using helpful resources that will help students along the way. We really want to create a video that student can see before the class begins in order to help them determined if they are ready to take the course or need to postpone it until they can commit to the requirements of EDM310. We will continue to work on the project to iron out all the details to produce a great production.

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