Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PLN Report

Once I started with Symbaloo I stuck with it. I'm not one to keep trying different things when already know that one is working well for me. I say this because there were other sites and tools I could have used to help develop my PLN. Although this is a final report on my PLN, I feel that it will be never ending. I will continue to use Symbaloo while growing my PLN. I like Symbaloo because I can customize it in anyway. I have added numerous titles to my Webmix and attempted to group them all together. When time permits I will go back thought them and color code them. I just feel like it is visually attractive when it is organized that way. I love the gallery itself on the Symbaloo Website. There is a variety of things you can search for. I was able to visit a few Webmix's of others and found some great sites and tools that I added to my own Webmix. I am certain that when I get a job teaching I will began a new Webmix that will concentrate more on the grade or subject I will be teaching. I am enjoying this tool and look forward to using it more in the future.
Symbaloo Screen shot

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