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C4K Summary

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World Blog Challenge
If you are like me you maybe wondering what a World Blog Challenge is. The blog challenge a method to improve blogging and commenting skills while globally connecting students of all ages with people from across the world. The Student Blogging Challenge is coordinated by Sue Wyatt, Sue Waters and Ronnie Burt.

I was assigned to Shane's Blog. He is tweleve years old and in the 7th grade. Shane attends school close to Downtown L.A. He is a brilliant student and I enjoyed reading his blog post. Here is a post from his blog that I feel describes and tells what type of student he is.

I am brother, grandson, student, teammate, cousin, nephew
I am hockey rink, I skate up and down the ice
I am purple, royal like the kings
I am lazy with, joy and peace
I am chocolate, rich and sweet
I am light eyes and blond hair
I am plain, normal colored shoes
I am moving my knees impatiently
I am fast moving pace
I am eagle, soaring over the sea

I went back to find out more information about Shane. In his first blog post I found that he was a very detail little boy. He loves hockey and is very anxious about growing up and helping his dad with their family company. He has great hopes that he will one day be the owner of the company. Shane's last post was about his favorite sport, hockey. 

My Comment:
Hello Shane. My name is Jami, I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I will be commenting on your blog for the next few weeks. 
You are a great writer! You have done a great job explaining why hockey is your favorite sport. If I had to choose a favorite sport it would be basketball. I have only been to one real hockey game in my life. I have to agree that it is a very fast pace game. I have always wanted to learn how to ice skate. Do you know how to ice skate? I look forward to visiting your next blog post. If you would like you can email me anytime if you have any questions or comments. Have a great week!

Week 4 Make It Global
Hello Shane, It's me again, Jami! You did a great job with your research about water! I must say that you really opened my eyes to a few new things I did not know about water, like the fact " 200 million hours are consumed by collecting water for their families". Sometimes people in the United State do not understand how fortunate we are to have a simple thing such as clean water. I do not drink water as much as I should be I definitely don't complain about it. From now on I will try to make sure that my family and I do a better job at conserving the amount of water that we use on a regular basics. It may not make a huge difference but it would not hurt to try. Keep up the great work!

Fix Downtown L.A.
My Comment:
Hello Shane! You are such a creative student. What a great presentation on how to make Downtown L.A. a safe place. Your idea about raising money to put extra police to work would be a great start to making it a safe place. The information that you shared about the homeless was a great way to bring awareness to those who may not know how sever it is. It would take a lot of responsibility to get the ideas that you had going, but because you are a determined and caring student I hope that now and as you grow older, you will continue your efforts to make L.A. a safe place.

Eldrin is a 1st Grade Student is Ms. Kathy Cassidy's Classroom. His blog post was about a show he watched called the Avengers.
Hello Eldrin, my name is Jami. I am a Student at the University of South Alabama. I have been assigned to comment on your blog.
Avengers.......I'm not sure that I've seen this show, but it does sound familiar. . Are the Avengers superheros? I have a son your age who likes superheros. Who is your favorite Superhero?

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